Learning: It Starts with YOU

“I’ve been to so many trainings, I already know all of this.” Ugh. Hearing someone say they don’t have anything to learn makes me sad, and it makes me kind of angry. It makes me empathetic too. I guess I have a lot of emotions about people who stop learning because they sell themselves short.

When Your Brain Is on the Struggle Bus

Many people struggle staying the course with goals or intentions they set for 2023. Maybe working out is less enticing than sitting on the couch and watching TV. Maybe eating healthy is more challenging than grabbing a bag of chips. Maybe reading that top selling professional development book isn’t as exciting as you thought it

Wrinkles or Wisdom?

Have you done away with resolutions knowing you will give up? I did away with resolutions several years ago. They were supposed to motivate me and help me develop better habits, but every time I set one I was disappointed in myself when I didn’t knock my resolution out of the park. So, I stopped

When You Need to Reprioritize

The final month of 2022 demanded me to reprioritize. An unexpected hospitalization of my Father meant I needed to take time to help him navigate many questions, post-hospitalization appointments, and ongoing needs. It was a good reminder for me to slow down and be fully present with family over the holidays. My Father is back

Flexibility Isn’t Just for Gymnasts

For the past month I’ve been working on a full-day training for a client. I really want it to be fantastic, but it has been challenging. There is no one to blame; the client has had several unexpected situations that required us to make changes more than once. Do you know what that is like?

Secrets to Motivation (Part 3 of 3)

When you believe you are capable of something, aren’t you more motivated to do it? I remember a college instructor who believed in me. He made me believe in myself. So, I entered a speech competition. I screwed up. I forgot what I was saying in the middle of my speech … then I kept

Secrets to Motivation (Part 2 of 3)

Raise your hand if you want to be micromanaged. I cannot see you, but I bet $1000 that you did not raise your hand. Raise your hand if you don’t care if your work makes a difference. I am confident you didn’t raise your hand this time either. That’s because you have needs. In fact,

Secrets to Motivation (Part 1 of 3)

“Rumor has it you got advisor of the year. Congratulations.” This above was a sterile email I received from my boss in 2008.  No greeting. No signature. No encouragement. It was demotivating. I have never understood why my boss didn’t walk the 50 feet from her office to my office and personally congratulate me. My

When Family is More Important than Work

The past five weeks have been utterly exhausting, and I have put my business on the back burner so to speak. Why? Because my Dad needed me. In March, my 84-year-old Dad called me and said, “I think I want to sell my home. It’s too much to take care of.” This wasn’t the first

Persist, Desist, or Shift?

Ever feel stuck and unsure whether you should continue trying, come up with a new plan, or just give up? I get it. I’ve been there. Lately, I’m finding myself having conversations with multiple people who feel stuck in their career, their business, or their life in general. It’s a really sucky place to be.