Employees are losing motivation, and employee engagement is different today than it was a few months ago.  Companies need to DO MORE.

In March, Gallup studied how people and workplaces behave during the Covid-19 crisis. They found that “with increases in worry and stress, as well as rising loneliness and boredom, the organization’s role in sustaining wellbeing is more important than ever.”  Last week, Gallup published these statistics:

  • 37% of adults say the feel less connected to family and friends
  • 84% are avoiding small gatherings
  • more than ever before in our history — employees want employers to be partners in their wellbeing.

Yes, companies need to DO MORE.

Last week I taught a course on employee motivation and introduced the participants to a motivation continuum based on The Self-Determination Theory (learn more here). It looks like this:

non-regulation, external regulation, introjected regulation, identified regulation, integrated regulation, intrinsic regulation

I asked this question, “Where would you place yourself on the motivation continuum PRIOR to stay-at-home order?”

Then I asked this question, “Where would you place yourself on the motivation continuum now?

results from a survey that shows a decline in employee motivation since stay-at-home order during Covid-19

Here are the results side-by-side.

There was a COLLECTIVE DECREASE in motivation. Companies need to do more!

Here is some help – I teamed up with Teresa Thomas of 50 Fun Things last month to offer my clients a place to determine how to Reconnect Their Workplaces. Here is a list of 99 Ways compiled from that session (and 50 Fun Things to Keep On Keepin’ On).

These are are a few of my personal favorites!

#34 Walking meetings

#39 Dance-offs

#58 Goat 2 Meeting

#73 Two minutes to run and grab an object that represents them

Now, do more!