When I did the G Factor research a few years ago, I didn’t anticipate its usefulness during a world-wide pandemic. But then again, I didn’t anticipate a world-wide pandemic.

Right now, many of us, if not all, are concerned about physical and financial health.  We are worried about those we love and those we care about. We fight boredom or overwhelm–or both. We try to make sense of the news and information we are inundated with. We feel exhausted and maybe even powerless. I want to help.

Today, and for the next three weeks, I’ll help you navigate the current chaos and craziness with two of the eight G Factors – you don’t even have to buy the G Factor book to learn! These nuggets of action you can take will help YOU create a little joy, relief, and well … G Factor for YOURSELF and OTHERS.

GATHER G Factor. Surround yourself with others who ooze G Factor.

Strategy 1. LIMIT or PIVOT

Evaluate. Make a list of 10 people you have frequent contact with (phone, video chat, social media, shouting across the street, etc.) and evaluate each person with these questions:

  • Do they continuously complain?
  • Do they make me feel worse?
  • Do they primarily post negative content online?
  • Do they focus on doom and gloom?
  • Do I find myself rolling my eyes when I talk with them?

Solution: Limit your exposure and interaction with the people for whom you answer yes OR pivot the interaction toward something better.


Evaluate. Create a Spheres of Influence diagram. List people in your life who fit each of the descriptions below.


Circles of influence inner middle outer


  1. Plan time to interact with those in your Center Circle.
  2. Ask for what you need too from those in your Middle Circle.
  3. Delete time with those in your Outer Circle (when possible).

GOOD-HUMORED G Factor. Laugh and don’t take myself too seriously.


Evaluate. List 3 things you did in the past week that put you in a bad mood (this morning I deleted the first 45 minutes of writing for this blog post) and ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it the end of the world?
  • Am I bleeding?
  • Will it matter in 6 months from now?
  • Will it make a good story some day?

Solution. If you answered no to the first three questions and yes to the last question, shift your perspective, laugh it off, and move on so you can put your energy toward things that matter.


Evaluate. How have you been opening your conversations with others? Be brave and check all that apply:

  • My words are heavy and soaked with COVID-19 speak.
  • I bring up the latest pandemic statistic .
  • I express frustration about people who aren’t practicing social (physical) distancing.
  • I express frustration about people who aren’t following stay-at-home protocol (for places where it is enacted).
  • Even though it isn’t part of my job, I talk more about COVID-19 related topics than other topics.
  • I complain.

Solution. Fight that urge to be consumed by the negative. Bring levity to your conversations by sharing positive, cheerful, hopeful, and dare I say funny things. I dare you – be the bearer of encouraging news!

Now, go tend your G Factor garden!