In the past two weeks I’ve shared Good-humored, Gather, and Grant G Factor. This week we focus on one that is backed with research that shows it improves employee engagement and productivity. Research also shows that it benefits you when you do it as much as it benefits the receiver.

GRATITUDE G Factor. Show appreciation.


Evaluate. This is where it starts. Are you expressing appreciation to yourself? Not in an egomaniacal way, but in a kind and deserved way. I’m hearing a lot of self-criticism from people navigating the pandemic new normal. “I’m not as productive as I should be.” “Why can’t I be in a better mood?” “I wasn’t made to be a homeschool teacher.” “I should be grateful I don’t have Covid-19.” And so on. Does this sound like you?

Solution. Become aware and flip your script.

Tall each time you think or say something critical or negative of yourself then flip it by replacing negative self-defeating language with positive, aspiring language


Evaluate. This is simple. Please and Thank You. Are you doing it? No one enjoys feeling taken advantage of, and leaving out a please or thank you can do just that. CAUTION. You can’t “phone in” gratitude if you want it to make a difference. For gratitude to feel like true appreciation, it must fit this criteria:

genuine words plus specific examples equal true gratitude


When Asking for Help

  • State WHY I genuinely need help.
  • State WHAT I specifically need.
  • Say PLEASE (don’t forget this part)


Hi Susan, I need help phrasing this email, because I’m stuck and you are better with words than I am. Would you please review it and suggest how to make the tone more collaborative?

When Thanking for Help

  • State WHY I genuinely appreciate the person.
  • State WHAT I specifically appreciate about them or what they did
  • Say THANK YOU (don’t forget this part)


Susan, You are good with words. The suggestion to take out “this isn’t working” and replace it with “we need to determine how to improve this” was excellent.  Thank you for taking the time to make the email better!

Your turn. Go tend your Gratitude G Factor, show some appreciation, and express some gratitude!

Photo by Hanny Naibaho on Unsplash