Superior supervisors take time to recognize what their employees are doing well.  Part of your job as a supervisor is to develop your employees into great employees – without feedback this is quite difficult to do.  This week we will focus on giving positive feedback (return next week to learn how to give not-so-positive feedback).

Describe.  Specifically describe what it is the employee did.  Telling the employee they are doing a “great job” leaves too much to interpretation.  If an employee handled a customer exceptionally well, tell them which customer it was and what they did that was exceptional.  For example, “When Mr. Jones came in today and was upset, you remained calm, you did not raise your voice, and you sat with him for 15 minutes.”

Explain.  It is important for the employee to understand why their positive behavior is important. Tell the employee how their behavior impacts them and/or the company.  “When you show our customers (patients) compassion, they often choose our practice over others.”

Help.  You may find your employees will be humble and want to poo-poo the feedback.  They might say, “Well, I was just doing my job.”  Don’t let them off of the hook.  Help them to accept the positive feedback and recognize their positive impact.  “Can you understand how your compassion helps to keep us in business and promotes a great reputation in the community?”

Thank & Encourage.  Promote continued positive behavior by sincerely thanking them and encouraging them to keep it up!  “Thank you for caring about our customers (patients).  You are a great example for other employees and I encourage you to continue being a great example!”

Okay, that was the fun type of feedback.  I will see you next week to explore how to get comfortable with the uncomfortable process of giving feedback on employee behaviors that need to change.