Ever think you save time by telling someone what to do instead of teaching them? Stressed right now and want people to just do what you tell them to do? It’s okay. We’ve all been there. We might even be spending more time ”there” given our current circumstances of Covid-19. Even so, it’s not the right approach.

In this series, we explored Good-humored, Gather, Grant, and Gratitude G Factor in previous weeks. This week we move on to benefits of coaching. And there are multiple benefits according to Harvard Business Review’s Answer Exchange workplace psychologist Dr. Steve Nguyen:

  • Easier to delegate tasks
  • Increase productivity
  • Less time dealing with performance issues
  • Retention
  • Pride and satisfaction

GUIDE G Factor. Coach instead of direct.


Evaluate. I’m going to make this simple – answer THREE questions and be honest with yourself.

Ask if you tell more than you ask and criticize more than you judge and provide all the anwers

Solution. Again, I’m going to make this simple – do this instead.

coach better by asking more questions and praising progress and effort and encouraging critical thinking

Strategy 2. PEER TO PEER

Evaluate. What opportunities are there for coworkers to teach, train, or mentor each other?  If you can’t find them, look harder. They’re there. If you still can’t find them, ask your employees what expertise they have that they want to share with others.

Solution. Teach them HOW to coach.

positive engagement earns respect
I think you’re ready to be a better coach! Now, go tend your Guide G Factor!