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Are YOU using the right LEADERSHIP STYLE?

The style in which you lead impacts the people around you, and in turn impacts the success of a department or organization.  One might think that a particular leadership style is best; however, different situations require different styles of leadership.  Psychologist Kurt Lewin is known for his contributions to defining leadership styles.  His work dates

Fake It Until You Become It! Amy Cuddy

This video was recommended to me by a student in my Powerful Presentations workshop. Great information on the science of nonverbal communication. [ted id=1569]

Exceed Expectations in Your Job Search

Thank you to those who attended the event on March, 19, 2013. Click on the link below to review the slide presentation ... Exceed Expectations in Your Job Search

NEW! G Factor book is here!

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Reflections: 6 Nuggests I’ve learned

Each time I facilitate training, I learn from those that I am there to teach.  My head is filled with unexpected nuggets of information – often things that make me go “hmmmm”.  As we turn the page on summer and get ready for the fall, I decided I would use this week as an opportunity

Coaching Your Team

Coaching is a method supervisors use to recognize and/or develop their employees.  Many employees are hungry to be coached, yet many supervisors don’t make it a priority.  Having a meeting with an employee to correct behavior isn’t necessarily coaching.  Instead, adopt the idea that you can make your employees better when you invest in their

6 Phases of Not-so-Positive Feedback

My last web article presented 4 easy steps to giving positive feedback (if you want to be a superior supervisor).  I hope you have been recognizing the great work of your employees! BUT.  There is a flipside of positive feedback … not-so-positive feedback – a.k.a. constructive criticism or corrective. Part of your role as a

How to Give Positive Feedback in Only 4 Steps

Superior supervisors take time to recognize what their employees are doing well.  Part of your job as a supervisor is to develop your employees into great employees – without feedback this is quite difficult to do.  This week we will focus on giving positive feedback (return next week to learn how to give not-so-positive feedback).