Muted Motivation: End of Summer Misery

  Image used with permission. copyright Vic hang-in-there 2011 As the weather cools, the days become shorter, and we head toward fall, motivation seems to slither away for many of us.  I admit it – I suffer from it too.  Our trigger response to someone’s remark about the beautiful weather might be, “Too

4 Self-Motivation Situations

Last week we delineated between Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivation.  This week we use what we learned and apply it to common situations in which we need to motivate ourselves. Situation 1: Wake up on wrong side of bed.  Sometimes we simply wake up in a bad mood.  If we don’t shake it, we carry our

5 Extraordinary Email Etiquette Tips

Email offers some really fantastic perks such as: 1) Interruption Reduction, 2) Fast Communication, 3) Low Cost (sometimes FREE), and 4) Time Savings.  BUT , there is a flipside to the fantasticsm of Email.  Just ask yourself this question - Do I suffer from common Email challenges? Now ask yourself this question – What can