Put Your Phone Away – Ban Phone Communication

A phone communication ban?  What?!? How challenged would you feel if phone communication was banned for 24 hours?  No texting.  Zero calls.  Nada voice mails.  Social media via your smart phone = nope. Would you twitch?   Feel poorly accessorized?  Perhaps feel lost?  Maybe even naked?  I know this week's tip is a real challenge

Customer Service: Marrying procedure and personal

Marriage isn't just for couples anymore!  Marriage is important to excellent customer service too.  What I mean by that is this -- to provide outstanding customer service we need to provide BOTH procedural prowess and personal play.  This video will explain more. I shot this week’s tip from my car.  Why?  About 2 ½ weeks ago

Conflict and Appreciation: Giving it

Conflict and appreciation: an interesting pair!  There are people, who when feeling threatened, are going to try to get you to show your appreciation for them, because they have a need for attention.  Lots and lots of attention sometimes!  Brinkman and Kirschner describe this behavior as requiring "a higher level of assertiveness and a people focus, in

G Factor: Genteel (3 in a 7-part series)

Abraham Maslow taught us long ago that human beings need others to care about them.  Maslow called it a sense of belonging or esteem; having friends and feeling respected and accepted. When we show someone we care, we communicate their importance and value as a person.  Getting out of own heads and into the hearts

Are YOU using the right LEADERSHIP STYLE?

The style in which you lead impacts the people around you, and in turn impacts the success of a department or organization.  One might think that a particular leadership style is best; however, different situations require different styles of leadership.  Psychologist Kurt Lewin is known for his contributions to defining leadership styles.  His work dates

Fake It Until You Become It! Amy Cuddy

This video was recommended to me by a student in my Powerful Presentations workshop. Great information on the science of nonverbal communication. [ted id=1569]

Exceed Expectations in Your Job Search

Thank you to those who attended the event on March, 19, 2013. Click on the link below to review the slide presentation ... Exceed Expectations in Your Job Search

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