Conversations that are awkward … ugh!conversations

If you’ve checked out my blog the past two weeks, you’ve learned the importance of being a good conversationalist and 5 ways to start a conversation. So, let’s keep the conversation going about, well, conversations! Speaking of “keeping conservation going,” here are 5 tips.

Watch the video and then keep reading for examples you can use!

Listen closely.

If you really listen, it is a way to ask a follow-up question. Not a prefab one. One that really probes deeper into what they have shared. (For help on being a better listener, check this blog post out Listen Better. Communicate Better.)

Be assertive.

Most people don’t enjoy conversating with passive participants. Take charge of the conversation and assert yourself by saying, “Tell me ….”

              Tell me about yourself.

              Tell me about what you do.

              Tell me what you like most about what you do.

              Tell me about your background.

              Tell me more.   

Too assertive for you?  Try this approach then.

Extend an invite.

I’m not talking about parties here.  I’m talking about inviting the other person to share more by simply leading with “Please share ….”

              Please share a little about yourself.

              Please share what you do.

              Please share what you like most about what you do.

              Please share your background.

              Please share more.

Ask for advice.

If you’re are willing to learn, everyone you meet has something to teach you. And when we ask another person for their advice, it makes him or her feel like an expert and boosts their confidence.

              Could you help?

              If you were me, what would you do?

              Who do you recommend I talk to?

              What is your experience?

              How would you do it?


Conversation shouldn’t feel like an interrogation. Comment or expand on what they share with you. Caution! One-upping isn’t going to carry your conversation forward.

              I never thought of it like that.

              That is an interesting point-of-view.

              Thank you for sharing.

              What a great idea!

              Interesting. (skip the sarcastic tone on this one – wink wink.)

Now, may you go forth and keep your conversations moving right along.