Happy New Year! Welcome to the revitalization of Connecting with Communication where you receive communication tips in 90 seconds or less!  To kick of 2017, my tip is BE MINDFUL with your communication.

Click here (Connecting with Communication: Be Mindful) to watch the video and then keep reading for a little more.

What does “Be Mindful with your communication” mean?  Two things.

Just two tips for being more mindful.

#1 Be present. When you have a conversation, keep your mind focused on what is happening between the two of you, or three of you, four of you, etc.  Here are some ideas:

  • use eye contact
  • ask questions
  • get rid of distractions

#2 Be intentional.  Choose words and non-verbals that communicate the message you want to truly communicate. For example:

  • happy vs. ecstatic
  • smile vs. smirk
  • thanks vs. sincere thanks
  • turn and face someone vs. face a computer

COMMUNICATION CHALLENGE: So here is my challenge for you … choose one conversation per day for the next seven days in which you will be mindful.  If your mind wanders, that’s cool, just refocus and come back to being present and get back in the game. Don’t try to be perfect … just try to be better.  With a little practice your mind will begin to stay in the moment and make the way you communicate more effective. Woohoo!