Bad attitude?

Last week I finished a book titled The Noticer, by Andy Andrews.  It’s a great story about a mysterious man named Jones (“not Mr. Jones, just Jones” as he repeatedly explains to others).  Jones has an uncanny habit of showing up unexpectedly in the lives of people who have never met him.  Upon meeting them, he uses stories, questions, and kindness to help them find a new perspective on the situation they are currently in.  Hmmm.

I couldn’t help but think about how I include the topic of attitude in some of my trainings.  You see, I believe our attitude is a reflection of our perspective.  And the better your attitude, the better your communication.

Take these for example.

Your performance review wasn’t as good as you hoped for.

Your coworker cuts you off repeatedly in a meeting.

A customer raises their voice at you.

Check your attitude right now in these situations:

  • Working on the weekends
  • Taking work home
  • Doing your coworkers task
  • Being told to do something instead of asked to do it
  • Hearing bad news for your department
  • Being passed up for a promotion
  • Receiving cost-of-living raise only
  • Being pulled from your favorite project
  • Having to report to someone you don’t like
  • Ending up in a traffic jam
  • Redoing work
  • Moving your workspace without a choice
  • Having budget reduced
  • Having idea rejected in a meeting
  • Receiving an unexpected task when planning to leave early
  • Waiting on information you needed a day ago

Now you see.  Your attitude is linked to your perspective which is linked to the likelihood a communication reaction that helps a conversation or does the opposite.  It really is all about perspective.  But it must start with the right attitude!

(Note: Thanks Dave for the book recommendation! 1080 Ministries, Inc.)