A little “thank you” for a BIG difference – Gratitude G Factor

It seems so simple. Two words. 1-2 seconds to do it. A short little phrase. Can it really make that big of a difference?

Yes, expressing a little “thank you” can make a BIG difference.

G Factor Book“First, gratitude has been credited as an influencer of pro-social behavior. Emmons and Shelton of University of California, Davis noted ‘ … gratitude has important implications both for societal functioning and for collective well-being.’  Second, a 2012 study by Bersin & associates found saying “thank you” or making employee recognition a priority resulted in a 14 percent increase in employee engagement and productivity. These two studies alone help us see the link between gratitude and the workplace. when we express gratitude at work, we get along better, feel better, and do better too.” (p. 17, G Factor: 8 Secrets to Increasing Your Gravitational Pull at Work)

Are you a frequent expresser of your gratitude? Maybe you are stingy with your gratitude. Is there a change you are missing opportunities to grow your G Factor? Find out by completing this checklist with people we might cross paths with almost daily.

I say “thank you” to these people at least once per week:

  • Boss
  • Team lead
  • Most senior teammate
  • Newest teammate
  • Bus Driver
  • Coworker from Accounting
  • Coworker from Purchasing
  • Coworker from Facilities
  • Spouse
  • Child
  • Mail Carrier
  • Restaurant server
  • An angry person
  • A happy person
  • A sad person
  • A person in a hurry
  • A person moving slowly
  • An Amiable communicator
  • An Analytical communicator
  • A Driver communicator
  • An  Expressive communicator
  • An Introvert
  • An Extrovert
  • An Ambivert

You may not run into these people every day, but chances are you will some time throughout any given week. Some people listed above aren’t even people you will cross paths with at work; however, it will help you get into the habit of expressing gratitude. Pretty soon your gratitude will become a regular practice at work!

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