Conflict and approvalConflict and Approval: who needs it?  The answer to that question is … a lot of people!  Some people, when feeling threatened, are going to try to get along at almost any cost because they really want to feel your approval.  They are wonderful people who really prefer it when things are peaceful in the workplace.  Brinkman and Kirschner describe this behavior as “less assertive as you put their

[others] needs above your own.” p.19


Do you know anyone like this?  People who are always there where conflict and approval meet?

Here are the three types with the intent to get along because they need approval and tips too to help you manage conflict better when interacting with them.

A NOTHING person gives limited verbal and nonverbal feedback and can become more withdrawn and passive in conflict.  So, try to be calm, relaxed, and use your intuition to see the world through their eyes.  Use their perspective to understand why they seem non-existent.

A YES person has poor task focus, is disorganized, and over commits.  They really are just trying to tell you what they think you want to hear.  Make it safe for them to be honest with you and with themselves.  This can lead to better decisions for you and for them.

A MAYBE person doesn’t want to bother or upset others.  They also don’t want to be the cause of anything bad.  Turn your annoyance with the Maybe person into a warm, sensitive, and patient approach.  Show them you have a genuine desire to help and you just might be surprised how they react.

So, don’t hold back when it comes to conflict and approval.  Exercise your skills and help manage conflict effectively to get better results in the workplace.

Now, who’s ready to engage in a little conflict with people who want to get along and need approval?  I am!